Jumgaroo Interactive Game

Type of project / Interactive Game

Role / Designer & Developer

Agency / Personal Project

Time / Spring 2016

"Jumgaroo" is an interactive jump rope game aiming at motivating children to do exercise, which was created for my physical computing class. My teammate Yuxuan Xie used Arduino UNO R3 connecting to Bluetooth. I was in charge of working on the P5.js library to write JavaScript code for this game. We were using the serial port library to input data to P5.js.

The mechanism behind this interactive game is to use an avatar, kangaroo character, to imitate the user’s movement simultaneously. We use jumping rope and two jumping pads as the game console. When the user is jumping with a jumping rope, the kangaroo in the video game will jump from stairs to stairs. When the user presses the button in the rope handle, the kangaroo could hit stones away. The concept of this design is to make jumping rope exercise a more diverting and gameful user experience and invoke children's passion for keeping exercising and becoming healthier.